Elaine Camlin & Melissa Martin

  • Elaine Camlin & Melissa Martin, Shop Art Project, Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail at Batlow. Photo Robert van der Male
  • Elaine Camlin & Melissa Martin, Shop Art Project, Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail at Batlow. Photo Robert van der Male

Elaine Camlin & Melissa Martin

Place of Residence: Wagga Wagga and Tumut

‘Shifted Perspectives’

Location: 10 Selwyn Street, Batlow

Statement: ‘Shifted Perspectives’ is a collaborative work by printmakers Elaine Camlin (Wagga Wagga) and Melissa Martin (Tumut) exploring our ecological footprint. The prints incorporate collected and discarded waste, becoming experimental print matrixes. The patterns imprinted from these materials breathe renewed and repurposed life into single-use materials. With marks reminiscent of organic objects and environments significant to us, the collaborative process celebrates shared impressions, conjuring new meanings and changing our perceptions.

Through the development of the work, and during the installation we seek to question: what if we sensitively approached our environment with the same respectful consideration as walking into a gallery and leaving the space untouched? How does exhibiting and “valuing” framed prints on the wall, next to similar works, gradually destroyed during the installation, contribute to our notion of value? And, can these considerations allow us to see why we need to shift perspectives?

Biography: Melissa Martin grew up in Tumut and lived in many cities before returning home, embracing a lifestyle aligned with her creative practice – exploring and celebrating nature and organic forms. Melissa focuses on the intricacies of our natural surroundings to create quiet, meditative moments. Her artworks represent these peaceful fragments of stolen time in our busy lifestyles and navigate and reflect on how modern life impact our natural environment.

Elaine Camlin grew up in Wagga Wagga, moving to Canberra to study printmaking before returning home to embrace a regional practice with strong roots in the community. Her practice moves beyond traditional printmaking to incorporate a broad range of drawing and printmaking techniques, experimental processes and small sculpture. Moving freely between these modes of creativity provides a platform to document the ephemeral nature of growth and decay and the vital role of regeneration in our environment.

Melissa and Elaine met in 2018 at Tumut Art Society, working alongside each other to deliver printmaking workshops for RegenerART. Melissa is active in the Snowy Valley’s art community, tutoring young budding artists at 5 Ways Studios and Snowy Valleys School while Elaine offers printmaking, art therapy and community engagement at the newly established Unique State Art Space in Wagga Wagga.

Materials used: installation, monotype on paper, sun prints, drawings, handcut paper, recycled materials.

This Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Program is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and the New South Wales Government under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.