Andreas Buisman

Andreas Buisman, ‘The Family (Sign Oz 863 / Sign Oz 864 / Sign Oz 865)’, Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail, Courabyra Wines. Photo Robert van der Male

Andreas Buisman (Austria)

‘The Family (Sign Oz 863 / Sign Oz 864 / Sign Oz 865)’ (2023), COURABYRA WINES

Location: Courabyra Wines, Tumbarumba.

Statement: In my work I polish, clean and transform for the spectator. I respect their given form, don’t change but translate the boulders and columns I work with, considering myself a servant to those rocks – formed millions of years ago.  My stones are the whales of the land. Cruising Australia and other countries I constantly search for them. In the lucky moments they will lift their mighty bodies out of the earth and make themselves visible. Then the hard work begins: polishing the rough skin for hours I reveal their hidden identity – glimpsing the secret of continuance.

Biography:  Andreas Buisman, 1964, leads a most interesting life. passionate about Australia (he has seen more of this country than most of the locals. Buisman collects basalt and granite rocks and transforms them into artworks.  He is member of the prestigious “wiener künstlerhaus” and divides his artistic time between Europe and Australia. Materials range from granite, steel and glass to acrylic glass and concrete. Since 2000 granite became the main source of inspiration, however in Australia basalt started playing an important role in his work.

Stage one of the Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail was jointly funded by the Australian and NSW Government’s Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund, under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.