Helen Lempriere Scholarships

The Helen Lempriere Scholarships Managed by Perpetual

Fostering & promoting contemporary Australian sculpture.

As one of Australia’s most prestigious annual prizes for sculptors in Australia, the Helen Lempriere Scholarships foster and promote contemporary Australian sculpture. The Scholarships are a realisation of a bequest made by the late Keith Wood to honour his wife, Helen Lempriere. Helen was one of Australia’s leading female artists in the mid-20th century, attracting national and international acclaim for her painting, printmaking and sculpture. Serving as a fitting legacy for Helen Lempriere and her belief in supporting the arts, the Scholarships fulfil Keith’s aims of making a significant philanthropic contribution to the arts while commemorating Helen, a leading figure in the development of a unique Australian aesthetic. The Scholarships serve to advance artists’ careers through study or research and are held in partnership with Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi. Managed by Perpetual as a charitable trust operating in perpetuity, the Helen Lempriere Bequest has provided more than $1.5 million in funding support for Australian artists since the trust was established in 1996.

Each year in the lead up to Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi three Australian based sculptors receive significant support for their careers thanks to the Helen Lempriere Bequest. As stipulated by the Helen Lempriere Bequest tertiary level academics select the artists to receive the scholarships. To celebrate the 20th anniversary exhibition of Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi Perpetual have announced an additional $30,000 Helen Lempriere Scholarship for Australian sculptors in 2016.

For a series of in-depth interviews with a number of the recipients of the Helen Lempriere Scholarships follow the link below. Should funding allow, we look forward to interviewing more of the recipients.


   Helen Lempriere Recipient videos  


  • Greg Johns (SA) – Senior Artist
  • Lucy Barker (NSW) – Mid-Career Artist
  • Siahne Rogers – Emerging Artis


  • Emerging Artist: Jina Lee (WA)
  • Mid-Career Artist: Marina DeBris (NSW)
  • Mid-Career Artist: Andrew Townsend (NSW)
  • Senior Artist: Stephen King (NSW)
  • Senior Artist: Patricia Marrfurra McTaggart OAM (NSW)


  • Emerging artist, Nadia Odlum (NSW)
  • Mid-career artist, Louise Paramor (VIC)
  • Senior artist, Michael Snape (NSW)


  • Emerging artist, Britt Mikkelsen (WA)
  • Mid-career artist, Kevin Draper (WA)
  • Senior artist, Hossein Valamanesh (SA)


  • Emerging Artist: Harrie Fasher (NSW)
  • Mid Career Artist: Julie Gough (TAS)
  • Senior Artist: Ron Roberston-Swann (NSW)


  • Jennifer Turpin (NSW), operation crayweed
  • Geoffrey Bartlett (VIC), embrace
  • Hanna Hoyne (ACT), cosmic trumpet & embrace 2
  • Norton Flavell (WA), just another


  • Orest Keywan (NSW), and the ship sails on (with apologies to f.f.)
  • Dale Miles (NSW), parallel thinking space
  • Samantha Small (ACT), stalemate Mk II


  • Elaine Clocherty, gamma gamma – storm
  • Jock Clutterbuck, oceania cartouche
  • Koichi Ishino, wind stone – the threshold of consciousness



  • Lou Lambert, red herring
  • Philip Spelman, tête à tête
  • Tom de Munk-Kermeer, luchtkasteel


  • Alessandra Rossi, comfort zone
  • James Rogers, hokusai’s child
  • Marcus Tatton, the ruin


  • David Horton, jarrett in london
  • Matthew Harding, centripetal
  • Michael Le Grand, anaconda