Decade Club Artists

Sculpture by the Sea Decade Club

Celebrating the artists who exhibit 10 times

It is a significant commitment for an artist to exhibit in Sculpture by the Sea once. To exhibit with us many times means that the artist has committed much of their career to creating new sculptures for our exhibitions, almost always at considerable personal financial risk, as well as their risk in displaying work outdoors and before their peers, the public and the critics. To recognise the commitment of those artists who have exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi or Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 10 times or more, we created our Decade Club. Now a much-loved tradition, we hold an annual dinner to thank and welcome each new artist member, and immensely enjoy listening to their telling of their own individual story. We are also now proud to include several artists in our Double Decade Club, meaning they have exhibited in an exhibition 20 times, you can see below the year an artist exhibited for the 10th and then in some cases the 20th time.