Peter Tilley


NSW, Australia
Decade Club member since 2014

“Prior to my first Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi in 2004, I had predominately worked on small-scale abstract wall works constructed of formal grids of found objects. My art making practice has been challenged and extended by participating in Sculpture by the Sea. The experience gained by producing larger scale outdoor works has given me the confidence to grow as a sculptor and has been invaluable in terms of developing my technical skills as well as increasing my insight into what might be possible in future works.

I really appreciate the opportunity, support and recognition Sculpture by the Sea delivers. That support has allowed me to participate 19 times, including Aarhus twice and Cottesloe 6 times. I like to think I could continue to participate in this great event for years to come. I am extremely grateful to the private patrons, sponsors, and staff that keep Sculpture by the Sea afloat and functioning so well. I sincerely hope this support will continue to foster the incredibly worthwhile institution that is Sculpture by the Sea.”

Peter Tilley, ‘In Search of the Sea’, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2012. Photo B Winstone.