Keizo Ushio


Bondi Decade Club member since 2008
Cottesloe Decade Club member since 2014

“I remember standing in Marks Park at Bondi in 1999 and dreaming how Sculpture by the Sea would grow over the next 10 years and that I wished to participate for 10 years. More than 10 years has already passed and I have many kinds of dreams about SxS. Happily I have exhibited in all Sculpture by the Sea since then in Sydney, Tasmania, Perth and Aarhus, more than 20 different exhibitions. Now I have a dream to see Sculpture by the Sea go to five continents, including Japan. Personally one of best dreams to come true is increasing new friends around the world through Sculpture by the Sea.”

“When I visited Cottesloe in 2005, the first impressions were very strong for me – the beautiful views, peacefulness, the kindness of people and unlimited potential. I was sure that this exhibition would become a paradise not only for Western Australian artists but also international artists. Over the last 10 years, I have found that a lot of Western Australian people love sculpture very much. Recently, I have found many sculptures that were once exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe are now not only in the Town of Cottesloe but all over WA. One of the most important treasures for me is meeting a lot of Western Australian people through this exhibition.

Keizo Ushio, oushi zokei, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2004. Photo Jack Bett.