Keld Moseholm


Denmark, Australia
Bondi Decade Club member since 2013

“Since 1999 I have been in the Sculpture by the Sea exhibitions both in Bondi, Cottesloe and Aarhus several times, and it has been a great inspiring experience for me to show my sculptures to a new audience in Australia, to meet the Australian and International artists and be together with such warm and friendly people. I am very proud of being awarded the great Balnaves Foundation Sculpture Prize and at being represented in the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney as well as  in different private collections and at Petrie Plaza in the centre of Canberra.

I am also happy that this special form of outdoor exhibitions has been transported to Denmark at the request of the Danish Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary and that the Danish audience has had the chance to see beautiful and exciting works by several Australian artists as well as other International artists.

Australia and Denmark are in different ways bound together despite the long distance. My hope is that Sculpture by Sea will grow in the future and inspire artists around the world to seek new challenges.”

Keld Moseholm, to be or not to be, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2009. Photo Samantha Burns.