Mitsuo Takeuchi


Decade Club member since 2013

“In 2004 Keizo Ushio asked me to take part in Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi.I hesitated to exhibit because I was apprehensive about my English ability. However, my wife eagerly supported me. So I decided to take part in the exhibition. While I was installing my work in Bondi all my fear faded away. David Handley and the exhibition staff gave me a great welcome.

How time flies! I have taken part in the exhibition for the last ten years. My wife and I have become great fans of Sculpture by the Sea. Most of the works I displayed have been able to live a peaceful life in beautiful Australia. They have merged into the landscape for everyone to enjoy.

Sculpture by the Sea has inspired me to exhibit not only in Denmark and   Australia but also privately in many other countries. I appreciate what many people concerned with the exhibition have done for me.”

Mitsuo Takeuchi, transfiguration “screw” ix, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2009. Photo Jack Bett.