Margarita Sampson


NSW, Australia
Decade Club member since 2015

“In 1997 I was seduced away from the mirror-world of painting by the first call-out forSculpture by the Sea. After that I was hooked on making things that we could touch/smell/hear/see with our bodies that was in our space.  The body never lies, it knows more than the brain thinks it does…If I was to peel away all of the reasons I make work, the gritty core of it is the wordless gesture “what of this?” and you motion ‘ah yes, but also…’- it’s an exchange. Sculpture by the Sea has allowed me to have that call & response with millions of people over the years who might never enter a gallery. It can be very profound and I am grateful.”

Margarita Sampson, the great bondi share house, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2010. Photo Clyde Yee.