Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail Review: John McDonald

Harrie Fasher, ‘The Last Charge’, Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail, Adelong 2022. Photo Fiona Dalessandro

John McDonald’s review of the newly opened Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail appeared in the The Sydney Morning Herald.

“The Snowy Valleys project demonstrates that sculptures can look just as impressive set against a backdrop of hills, fields, trees and mountains, as they do when spread across the Sydney foreshores. There is a simple dichotomy between works of art that compete with nature and those that act as a complement. We tend to respond with instinctive delight or disapproval, our reactions often being determined the subtlety and intelligence of the installation.

When we pause in front of some exotic intrusion in the landscape, we become more acutely aware of that landscape itself. For city people these pleasures tend to be fleeting, but one would have to be remarkably hard-hearted to spend a day or two following this trail through the Snowy Valleys and not feel one’s spirits lifting.”

You can read the article here.