Schools Program

Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail Artist Led Workshop at St Mary’s Primary School, Batlow 2022. Photo Meghan Kennedy.

Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail School Education Program

The Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail School Education Program aims to provide both students and teachers with an informative, stimulating out of classroom experience. Our range of Educational Programs encourage participants to explore, examine and discuss a range of creative, conceptual, and artistic responses to site and landscape, form and contemporary ideas. It provides unique opportunities to meet and work with exhibiting Artists. Workshop and tour programs may also be available to be scheduled when artists are visiting the Snowy Valleys region as part of their design and installation processes.

Artist led sculpture making workshops have been delivered across the Snowy Valleys since December 2020. This program has been embraced by the students and teachers, and by the end of 2022 some 1,538 students across the Snowy Valleys have participated in 60 workshops with artists from around Australia and across the world – some students participating two or three times. We look forward to continuing to work with the students and teachers across the Snowy Valleys hopefully for many years to come.

Interested in arranging an incursion or excursion for your school? 
Please contact: [email protected] or contact Meghan Kennedy on 02 8399 0233.