Shen Lieyi

  • Shen Lieyi, ‘Rain’, Sculpture Forest. Photo Grant Hardwick
  • Shen Lieyi, ‘Rain’, Sculpture Forest. Photo Grant Hardwick

Shen Lieyi (China)

‘Rain’, Sculpture Forest

Location: Alpine Ash Walk, Bago State Forest

Artist Statement: I use rough granite to express the elegance and peace of water is the challenge of fusing two extremes within one medium. This entails a strong visual contrast. In traditional Chinese culture, water symbolizes the principle of yin and softness, while stone symbolizes yang and hardness. One of the rich insights of Daoism is that ‘hardness and softness compensate for each other. Water, as the extremity of softness, moistens all things. Its benefits are inexhaustible, its uses unlimited. Yet ‘too extreme a softness can lead to hardness’. This is how my imagery of ‘water’ has arisen. The unification of humanity with nature, or art with life, are goals I consistently works towards in all my creative acts.

I integrate my plain worship and love of the natural world into the consciousness of life. My creation is invariably intertwined with the universe harmoniously.


Professor of China Academy of Art.

His work was gifted by Shanghai Municipal Government to the Municipality of Basel, Switzerland in 2012.

Represented in public collections including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. (China Embassy in Turkey), National Museum of China, National Centre for the Performing Arts, China Academy of Art, Nanjing Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and Chengdu Tianfu International Airport.

Solo exhibitions include Art Front Gallery, Tokyo, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts. Group exhibitions include China Art Museum, Shanghai, NordArt, Germany, Sculptures @ The Garden City, Singapore, National Art Museum of China, Haeden Museum, Seoul.

He received the Barton Family Foundation Support Award at Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe in 2024, and has exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi in 2019 & 2023, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2024.

Stage one of the Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail was jointly funded by the Australian and NSW Government’s Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund, under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.