Sui Jianguo

  • Sui Jianguo, 'Planting A Trace',Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail, Tumbarumba. Photo John Riddell

Sui Jianguo (China)

‘Planting a Trace’, Tumbarumba

Location: Tumbarumba Oval, along the Tumbarumba Creekscape.

Statement: The artist expressed, “I have been working with David Handley since 2004 and have built a relationship of trust. When David told me that he was going to organise a public sculpture trail to support the people of the Snow Valleys who were hit hard by the 2019-2020 bush fires I readily agreed to his proposal. It was also at that moment that our mutual friend, Anni Ma, a young lady who had long helped David connect with artists on the Chinese mainland who exhibited their sculptures and travelled to Sydney and Perth in Australia and even Europe, passed away. In order to commemorate Anni Ma and to strengthen the friendship between the people of China and Australia, I have decided to present this work as a gift to the Snow Valleys. Let everyone who sees this work remember the name of Anni Ma.”

Biography: Sui Jianguo’s art explores his unique understanding and recognition of creation, form, alternative media, alternative methods, and space-time. He has participated in many group and solo exhibitions, including Museum Beeldenaan Zee, Hague, Holland (2011); JGM Gallery, Paris (2010); World Expo Shanghai 2010; Museum, Beijing, China (2009); Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, China (2007); and Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Manila, The Philippines (2006).


This Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Program is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and the New South Wales Government under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.