Cottesloe 2005 Catalogue Essay

Posted: March 17, 2005 / Essays

By John Stringer, January 2005 Sculpture is an exciting, pro-active and engaging medium, unique in its ability to transcend the protective indoor spaces usually required by the fine arts. Unlike painting, drawing or photography, sculpture belongs in the challenging realm of three-dimensional space and live action where it can interact directly either with nature or…

Sculpture and other health hazards

Posted: October 28, 2004 / Essays

By Ron Robertson-Swann OAM Sculpture is alive and well and sculptors are making ambitious and wonderful works. But there are contemporary viruses going around that can make certain sculptures look a bit unwell, and can effect the viewers’ judgement about sculpture. One virus takes the form of topics for discussion on sculpture:- • “Breaking down…

By the sea: A history of human engagement

Posted: October 31, 2002 / Essays

By Dr Paul S.C. Taçon  Head of the People and Place Research Centre, Australian Museum It was by the sea that they did it. Along the edges of great oceans, on the beach and in the water, human ancestors travelled on a quest to explore and conquer the world. By the water they met, shared…