Education Kit

The Education Kit is an invaluable resource for teachers and students, produced specifically for each Sculpture by the Sea exhibition.

Sculpture by the Sea Case Study includes information about the history of Sculpture by the Sea, a description of what takes place behind the scenes to organise a large cultural event and the requirements and potential benefits for Artists exhibiting in the exhibition

Artists and their Artworks provides information about the practices and processes of several exhibiting artists based on recent interviews together with suggested questions and activities for Primary and Secondary school curriculums.

The kit also provides a Glossary of sculptural terms.




Kids’ Guide

The Kids’ Guide is an invaluable tool for young visitors who want to learn more about the exhibition and have fun in the process! Filled with educational activities, games and interesting information about every sculpture in the exhibition, it is a must-have guide for kids, students, parents and teachers alike. The Kids’ Guides are available for purchase at the catalogue marquee during the exhibition ($7).

Alcoa Education Program, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2022