Excursion Management

Excursion Management

It is the responsibility of the school to provide a supervisory team that meets the specific requirements of the excursion as determined by the school principal. In the interest of the safety of the public and also the artworks, it is imperative that your students are made aware of the symbols on the first page of the Kids’ Guide and also the black placards located beside the artworks prior to and during their self-guided tour. The Kids’ Guide symbols will indicate if a sculpture is safe or appropriate to touch. For example, highly polished surfaces cannot be touched but are wonderful for looking at reflections.

Sculpture by the Sea recommends the following:

  • Schools are required to provide 1 supervising adult per 15 students (minimum)
  • Close supervision of participants is to be maintained by school supervisors at all times

It is the responsibility of the school supervisory team to develop appropriate strategies to address the risks associated with the proximity of activities to artworks within the environment, and open water in particular.

Sculpture by the Sea has produced excursion management information to assist teachers and schools in their preparation and planning for excursions to Cottesloe during the exhibition.

Our General Public and Product Liability Insurance Policy Certificate of Currency is also available to download.


 PUBLIC LIABILITY Certificate of Currency 


There is a drop-off and pick-up area on Marine Parade, Cottesloe Beach. Once students have been dropped off coaches/buses need to find parking. Please do not stop at any of the public bus stops in the area as fines will apply.