Clitheroe Foundation Emerging Artist Mentor Program Recipients Announced

Posted: September 16, 2021 / Announced, Awards, News

Tom Buckland, ‘Bruce’, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi. Artist Impression.

Emerging artists Tom Buckland (ACT) and Capto Collaborative (NSW) have been announced as the 2021 recipients of the Clitheroe Foundation Emerging Artist Mentor Program, alongside the 2020 recipients Sian Watson (ACT) and Sivaan Walker (NSW) for Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi. Each artist will receive $15,000 to create their sculptures and to undertake a 12-month mentorship with an established artist of their choice.

Tom Buckland will produce ‘Bruce’, relaxing on a chair, accompanied by an esky, inspired by human desires to return to the primal seas from whence we came. Tom is an artist who deals in a correspondence of imaginary worlds. With sculpture, performance, and video he creates work heavily influenced by his own fascination with science fiction and fantasy, topped off with a refined joyful absurdism. He enjoys playing with audience interaction, taking much enjoyment in transporting his audience to other worlds across space and time.

At the next Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi exhibition Capto Collaborative will exhibit ‘Shell Resonance’ on Tamarama Beach, a 2 metre tall audio work that utilises a sinking arm clutching a conch shell, distorting the myth and reflecting upon what the ocean truly sounds like – plastic. The Capto Collaborative collective goal is to use art and design to question social paradigms, introduce new ideas and start conversations.

Sian Watson has always been intrigued by the cultural understandings of animals. For the next Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi exhibition, Sian’s work ‘Waiting Rastor’, draws upon the historic influence of the horse and the various cultural entanglements humans have had with this creature. Sian has been the recipient of many prestigious art awards including the Australian National University’s School of Art and Design’s  Emerging Artist Support Scheme involving a public artwork for the ACT.

Sivaan Walker developed an interest in researching contemporary commentary on political theory during her studies at the University of New South Wales, allowing her a deeper understanding of the human, memory, and power. Taking inspiration from sociology, philosophy and political theories, Walker’s materials aim to exercise uncanny relationships which explore various themes. Her work for the next Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi exhibition, ‘Hotbed Twilight’, will be an anti-sensory installation, pairing abstracted, dusty, and dirty homely structures that take into consideration the meaning of reactionary responses to accumulative nothingness.

The Clitheroe Foundation Emerging Artist Mentor Program was established in 2006 with the aim to encourage professional and meaningful fellowships between emerging artists and established practitioners by facilitating a skills exchange and providing a forum for professional and technical development.

We wish all of the Clitheroe Foundation Emerging Artists the best of luck with their mentorships!

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