50 Exhibitions and Counting

Posted: June 25, 2021 / News


We are pleased to let you know the 50th Sculpture by the Sea exhibition held in Australia and Denmark will be staged at Bondi from 21 October – 7 November later this year for the enjoyment of the people of Sydney and its visitors.

The 50th exhibition is a significant milestone in our history which has seen over 1,300 sculptors from across the globe and Australia exhibit to an audience of at least 13 million people in the last 24 years.

The 50 Sculpture by the Sea exhibitions have been held in the following locations, including five across Australia for the 1998 Olympic Arts Festival and four overseas:

  • 24 Bondi;
  • 17 Cottesloe;
  • 2 Tasman Peninsula (Tasmania);
  • 1 Albany (Western Australia);
  • 1 Darwin (Northern Territory);
  • 1 Noosa (Queensland); and
  • 4 Aarhus, Denmark.

Celebrating in Japan

To begin the celebrations of this milestone, Keizo Ushio from Japan, who has exhibited in every Bondi exhibition since 1999 and every Cottesloe exhibition since 2005, acknowledged his involvement with Sculpture by the Sea in his ’50 Years of Sculpture History’ exhibition at the Asago Mori Arts Museum, Japan on now until 4 July. Keizo Ushio has played an important role in the development of Sculpture by the Sea both as an artist and by introducing many of Japan’s leading sculptors to the exhibitions in Australia and Denmark.

Celebrating in Denmark

The Denmark-based Friendship Society of Denmark, Australia and New Zealand has kindly made a substantial donation to mark the continuing links between Denmark and Australia through Sculpture by the Sea to fund a Danish artist to participate in Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi for the next ten years.  This Friendship Society’s donation has been matched by the Sydney donors to our not for profit organisation to provide $15,000 a year to Danish artists towards their costs.


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