Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi Education Program

Posted: August 15, 2017 / News


We are excited to have started organising the Sculpture by the Sea Education Program 2017.  Each year over 2,400 primary and secondary students participate and bookings are now underway.  The program aims to provide students and teachers with an informative, stimulating, ‘out of class room’ and fun experience through:

Workshops offering a unique experience for students to meet and work with an exhibiting artist and explore the materials and processes involved in creating sculpture through activities based on the artist’s practice.

Exhibition Focus Tours with Sculpture by the Sea Educators where students are encouraged to develop their responses to the sculpture they view through interactive discussion and activities.

Artist Spotlight Talks for secondary/ tertiary students to meet and view the work of two exhibiting artists on site

and English as a Second Language (ESL) Tours 

For each exhibition we produce online resources for teachers and students consisting of a case study of Sculpture by the Sea, profile pages on several exhibiting artists,  a sculpture glossary and an ‘Introduction to Sculpture’ suggested worksheet.

The program is a vital and exciting component of Sculpture by the Sea – it continues to expand and adapt in response to the artists, teachers, students, staff and volunteers involved.

Access and inclusion programs like Tactile Tours for students and visitors with disability, and the Transition to Work program for young people (which include the opportunity to prepare and deliver a ‘My Perspective Tour’ to a public audience) are now integrated into the Education Program. In partnership with DART Connections we offer a video conferenced ‘Virtual Excursion’ for remote schools in NSW. Thanks to the Brennan Family Foundation we are able to provide geographical/social/economic disadvantaged schools opportunities to participate and experience the exhibition. For some students their visit is also their first experience of the coastal sea and beach.


Students feedback from last year included:

“I have learnt that the artworks are from all over the world and the artists  are communicating different messages.” 

Michael H – year 9 student,  De La Salle Caringbah

“I did not know about site specific sculpture or the process that artists go through to create a finished sculpture.”

Year 11 student, Holroyd High School

“I learnt when things don’t work at first you can still make them work.”

Year 5 student, Emerton Park Public School

“I learnt you can make whatever you want out of whatever you want.”

Year 5 student, Emerton Park Public School

“It was the first time I had seen sculpture. It was nice and interesting to learn more about sculpture, about the artist and how they made the work as well as what materials they used. Our excursion was a lot of fun, the educator was very friendly and she taught us a lot about the sculpture. Thank you miss! Thank you for spending the time to take us on excursion and I wish that I could go again next year.”

Maia –  year 10 student Cleveland Street  Intensive English High School



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