Pruning in winter – keep your branches

Posted: August 16, 2018 / News

Marc Walter, ‘Buddy’. Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2018. Artists drawing.

Marc Walter, a Franco-Canadian land-artist joining us at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, specialises in creating sculptures and spaces using recycled branches. Marc will create 5m tall Buddy, which will evoke a jester.

Buddy will be built to allow people to enter the sculpture, thus enjoying the site in a renewed fashion. Buddy will offer a sense of comfort and intimacy. It will allow its visitors to appreciate the resilience of the natural materials it is made of, and will hopefully inspire people to create similar works given the accessibility of the techniques employed.

To bring Buddy to life, Marc is requesting the support of the gardeners of Sydney and surrounds. Buddy requires around 300 branches, varying in length from 2m to 4m and no thicker than 25cm at their cut end. Willow or Plane tree branches are preferred, but any non-thorny deciduous cuttings would be welcome, and even young native branches from wattles, gum trees, paperbarks and honey myrtles may work if they are flexible. Where possible, gardeners should remove leaves and flowers from the branches, but should keep sub-branches attached to the main branch.

Marc will start bringing Buddy to life on Monday, 8th October, so we would need the branches by then. He will be building his sculpture at Tamarama over the first days and weekend of the exhibition.

Please contact Assistant Site Manager-Technical Trent Marwick at 02 8399 0233 or [email protected] if you can assist.

“I switched to Landart in 2004 mostly because that practice allows me to meet people without the hurdle of the artist’s pedestal. Creating in close contact to Nature, I feel better anchored to the Earth and I love to share my passion with people. I am always amazed by the combined flexibility and strength of materials that are often forgotten or ignored. Like in many other domains, it is the time that you provide to the process that allows you to achieve remarkable shapes. More than anything, I hope to get my visitors to slow down and feel; touch, smell, reflect, and look again”.

Marc Walter

  • French born, lives in Canada
  • Works in found materials
  • Proposal is very similar to a previously exhibited work (exhibited in Wakefest, Quebec, 2009)

Works across a great deal of festivals.

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