Lions and Tigers, Fremantle, Western Australia

Posted: February 13, 2021 / News

The lovely folk behind Lions and Tigers are devotees of flavour above all else, with the incredible regional diversity and adaptability of Indian cuisine as their biggest inspiration. Their entire friendship is grounded in evenings cooking curry, chatting about travels, laughing and knocking back the riesling. You can visit for a drink, pulling up a stool at the bar or snagging a table or booth in the bar area, or dine in where it’s cosy and friendly.

Their story began when Sean and Charlie met, played cards and drank tequila, which inevitably lead to marriage. Best mate Woody ran other people’s restaurants with Charlie and drank too much with Sean, and thus a little gang with big ideas was formed.

Passionate about the power of a good meal spent with good people, and giddy at the privilege of sharing that passion with others, Lions and Tigers is a gem worth dining out for … and according to David Handley the Founding Director of Sculpture by the Sea Lions and Tigers is the best Indian food in Australia, with inventive and extraordinary cocktails, and a great night out is assured!

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