Frankston City

Through a valuable and ongoing partnership with Sculpture by the Sea, Frankston City has recently installed a further three sculptures to add to the five previously installed.  Frankston is a southern bayside suburb of Melbourne on the eastern shore of Port Phillip and enjoys views looking towards Melbourne City.

These three new works are the latest to be added to a growing outdoor public art collection established to connect Frankston to the world:

  • Morgan Jones, ‘Early Light’
  • Dr Vlase Nikoleski, ‘Flooded Weir’
  • Sonia Payes, ‘Emergence’
  • Ayad Alqaragholli, ‘Marsh Boat’
  • Norton Flavel, ‘Figurative Abstraction’
  • Tetsuro Yamasaki, ‘Metamorphosis – Two Spirals’
  • RM Ron Gomboc, ‘As One’
  • Hikaru Yumura, ‘Vertical Wave’

Morgan Jones, ‘Early Light’

Location: Corner of Seaford Road and Brunel Road


Dr Vlase Nikoleski, ‘Flooded Weir’, Frankston City

Location: Dandenong Road East, Frankston

The work is informed directly or indirectly by the Australian landscape. “This vast, rugged landscape with its expansive horizons, harsh sunlight, blindingly bright skies and the way humankind has reshaped it are the stimulants for my art making. My sculpture explores the interrelationship between the natural and human constructed worlds. I take familiar elements and recombine them into sculptures that are evocative of changing landscapes.”

Sonia Payes, ‘Emergence’, Frankston City

Location: Dandenong Road West, Frankston

Humanizing focus within the theme of regeneration is the artists recurring focus of a portrait image of her daughter, Ilana – an iconic element that in certain works morphs into a four-faced warrior or in others, becomes a hybrid automaton of the future.

Creative city Marsh Boat

Ayad Alqaragholli, ‘Marsh Boat’, Frankston City  

Location: Intersection of Cranbourne and Baxter Roads, Frankston

Inspired by the connection between Mesopotamia and Australia, the artwork depicts two people swimming and diving in the blue sky, while the boat is full of immigrants.

Creative city blog figurative abstraction

Norton Flavel, ‘Figurative Abstraction’, Frankston City  

Location: Pines Forest Aquatic Centre, Forest Drive, Frankston North.

Central to this artwork is the belief that there are two major categories of art – figurative (realistic representations of physical objects) and abstract (with no definite link to an object outside the artwork), and these two categories are almost always kept separate. Figurative Abstraction combines two prominent components of each category, the human form (figurative) and geometric forms (abstraction) to demonstrate that the abstract is intimately dependant on the figurative and vice versa, and they do not exist separately.


Creative blog metamorphosis

Tetsuro Yamasaki, ‘Metamorphosis – Two Spirals’, Frankston City  

Location: Frankston Library Forecourt, Playne Street, Frankston.

Ordinary steel rusts and crumbles, but this sculpture uses a special type of steel which contains a large amount of copper and chromium, making it weather resistant for decades to come.’

Creative blog As one

RM Ron Gomboc, ‘As One’, Frankston City  

Location: Intersection of the Seaford and Brunel Roads, Frankston

‘As One’ ‘symbolises the embrace of two, (as in two uprights) and more so today than ever, the importance of balance and harmony in togetherness.’ Whether it is a couple, man and woman, two women, two men; or a mother and daughter or father and son embracing, Gomboc believes the beauty of togetherness is everywhere, just not everyone can see it.

Creative blog vertical wave

Hikaru Yumura, ‘Vertical Wave’, Frankston City  

Location: Entrance of Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre, 16N Cranbourne Rd, Frankston

Vertical Wave is a natural rock which has been broken in two revealing both broken and processed surfaces. Based on the shape of a wave, Yumura says, ‘The surface of the swell reminds me of a heartbeat.’ Yumura’s work is borne from his closeness and connection with nature and natural stone and the notion of organic and inorganic, nature and art.

For further information, please visit the Frankston City Website