Buy a Mile

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Over 100 artists will travel over 350,000 miles to showcase their incredible sculptures in Bondi this October. Now they need your support!

For just $1 you can “Buy A Mile” to support the artists
with their costs and keep the event alive and free for the community.


Every October, the spectacular Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach coastal walk is transformed into an open air gallery for Sculpture by the Sea, one of the world’s largest free to the public, outdoor sculpture exhibitions. And while it may seem to happen by magic, have you ever wondered what it takes for our artists – who hail from Australia and all corners of the globe – to bring their work to the Bondi to Tamarama Coastal community?

Just 14% of our not for profit organisation’s costs are covered by our government partners. Some of the remainder comes from our wonderful private donors and corporate partners. But even that comes nowhere near covering what it costs most of the artists themselves to transport their artwork to the event. Free for all of us to enjoy together.

The works in this year’s show will travel a collective of over 350,000 miles (that’s over 560,000 kilometres). So if you love their work and ours, support the artists and “Buy a Mile”. If everyone who enjoys Sculpture by the Sea donates just $1 each, you will help us achieve our goal to directly assist these amazing artists and help us do it all again next year!