Posted: November 8, 2022 / Awards, News

Bruno Catalano, ‘Benoit’, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2022. Photo Charlotte Curd

Sculpture by the Sea and Allens are delighted to announce that French artist Bruno Catalano is the recipient of this year’s Allens People’s Choice Award.

Catalano receives a prize of $5,000 for ‘Benoit’, part of a series of sculptures called Travellers or Les Voyageurs, which are exhibited in collections around the world, including Paris, New York and Venice. Bruno Catalano is a renowned sculptor, well known for sculptures of figures with substantial parts missing. Bruno Catalano is represented by the Ravagnan Art Gallery, Venice, Italy.

Joel Adler was announced as the recipient of the Kids’ Choice Prize of $5,000 for his sculpture Lens. The Kids Choice Prize is donated by Rebel Penfold Russell OAM.

David Handley, Founding CEO and Artistic Director said: “Congratulations and thank you to Bruno Catalano and Joel Adler for exhibiting these sculptures that have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people. The sculptures are so different from each other yet worked so well next to each other sited on the cliff top on the edge of Australia. For Joel it is the second time in two exhibitions he has received the Kid’s Choice Award, while this is the first time Bruno has exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea. Thank you to everyone who has visited this year. We have loved putting the exhibition on – and very happy the rain stayed away!”

Fiona Crosbie, Chair, Allens said: “We are so pleased to have partnered with Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi for the 20th Allens People’s Choice Award. We congratulate Bruno Catalano on capturing the imagination of Sydneysiders to take home the prize”.

Bruno Catalano said: “I would like to thank Sculpture by the Sea, an organisation that makes art accessible to as many people as possible. I have always had the feeling that my sculpture would take on its full meaning once installed in the public space. The creation of this work is the expression of my personal story, mixing travel, uprooting, the difficulty of living and the pride of rebuilding oneself. Sydney is an incredible, welcoming city, a city of travellers open to cultural tourism, to elsewhere, to the distance. I am happy that my statue has found its place in the richness of this heritage and that it participates in the beautiful cultural dynamic exhibition.

Joel Adler, ‘Lens’, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2022. Photo Charlotte Curd

“I would like to express here the wish that my sculpture becomes the symbol of all travellers: those who arrive, those who pass, those who leave, and those who, torn and crossed by life, continue to hope. I would also like to warmly thank the Ravagnan gallery for their involvement and perseverance, as well as the Barthélémy art foundry in France, which helped me to create ‘Benoit’. I am very honoured to receive this award, ‘Benoit’ arrived, a little shy, on the immensity of the Sydney coast. He asserts himself little by little and knows how to be appreciated by the public, it is a source of great pride for me. For the first time, my travellers crossed Europe, a dream come true, thank you again.”

Both recipients received a beautifully crafted exhibition trophy gifted by long-supporting sponsor Dinosaur Designs.

Mr Martin Julliard, Council General of France in Sydney accepted the award on behalf of Bruno Catalano, as presented by Ross Drinnan, Chair of Sculpture by the Sea and Partner at Allens. Rosa Hayward, a Year Six Student from Bronte Public School, presented Joel Adler with his award. Rosa gave a well-delivered speech, discussing her enjoyment and interaction with many works at this year’s exhibition.

Transfield Invited Artist Sally Kidall was voted by her fellow exhibiting artists as the ‘Artist’s Pick’ for her imaginative and interactive work ‘Bunker Down’, and Sonia Payes was announced by Councillor Paula Masselos, Mayor of Waverley, as the Waverley Council Grounds Staff Pick for her bronze work ‘Emergence’.


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