WA Sculptor Scholarship Announced 

Posted: March 6, 2021 / Awards, News

Jarrod Taylor, ‘Structural Wave’, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2021. Photo Richard Watson

We are thrilled to announce Jarrod Taylor as the recipient of the prestigious Western Australian Sculptor Scholarship of $10,000 thanks to Gavin Bunning AM and Julienne Penny.

Jarrod Taylor in front of his work ‘Structural Wave’, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2021. Photo Jessica

Presented at the Media Launch on opening day by the Nathan Harding, Chairman, Tourism, Western Australia, the scholarship provides important support for the advancement of the artist’s career, including the opportunity to travel and study their craft.

Looming over the end of the groyne on Cottesloe Beach with a powerful presence, Taylor’s 8m-high sculpture, ‘Structural Wave’, is made of scaffold and weighs approximately six tonnes. The artwork represents humankind’s ever growing reclamation and imposition of itself on the land.

Taylor said, “Being selected to receive the West Australian Sculptor scholarship is overwhelming and a great honour. This will allow me to develop future works that were only dreams and concepts prior to getting this award.”

Congratulations Jarrod!

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