The Alcoa Schools Education Program is up and running!

Posted: March 13, 2015 / News

The Alcoa Schools Education Program is up and running with a team of 13 exhibiting artists and 13 Sculpture by the Sea educators. In our first week 1,164 primary and secondary students have taken part in sculpture making workshops or exhibition focus tours.

Already we are enjoying some really positive feedback. Natalia a year five student from Orelia Primary, sponsored by Alcoa, said during her workshop with exhibiting artist Graham Hay, “I like how you can use your imagination and no one stops you. People can be negative about what you are saying or making, but in art you can have your own thoughts and it dosen’t really matter what other people say.”

On the same day, a secondary teacher from Halls Head College wrote that he found the workshops useful as they, “got the students away from the class room for a while and confirm the role that art plays in the community and validates learning about art.”

We look forward to meeting, and working together with more teachers and students next week. We will continue to share with you the inspiring responses from students and teachers as they come through.



Photos of the Alcoa Schools Education Program at Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2015. By Jarrad Seng


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