Spotlight on Chinese Sculptures arriving in Perth for Sculpture by the Sea

Posted: February 19, 2015 / News


We are very proud of the international spectrum of artists represented at Sculpture by the Sea. Each year we are exhibiting artists from more countries around the world.

There are three wonderful works which have come from China in this year’s Cottesloe exhibition. Artists Wang Shugang, Chen Wen Ling and Wendi Zhang have created highlights of the exhibition.



Images supplied by the artist Wang Shugang.

Wang Shugang’s five bronze men perch on balls appearing as though they could easily roll away underneath them at any moment. The men crouch contemplating each other and their audience creating a beautiful expression of the individual and the collective.




Image supplied by the artist Wendi Zang.

We welcome Wendi Zhang as a new artist to Sculpture by the Sea. Zhang’s bright red flamingos at varying heights are made with stainless steel mesh. Zhang’s flamboyance of flamingos will casually grace the exhibition landscape creating a stunning effect as temporary residents of Cottesloe Beach!



Image supplied by the artist Chen Wen Ling.

Chen Wen Ling returns to Cottesloe with a glossy red figure stretching 3 meters along the ground – an emboldened man, cheekily arresting his viewer with a childish spirit.



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