Snowy Hydro Major Partner Announcement with the Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail

Posted: November 3, 2023 / News, Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail

(L-R) Snowy Hydro Graduate Engineer, Gabrielle Curtin, Bente Moseholm, Annette Moseholm, David Handley. Photo courtesy of Snowy Hydro.

On Monday last week we announced Snowy Hydro as a Major Partner of the Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail.  The Snowy Hydro sponsorship includes funding the leasing of seven sculptures for the sculpture trail and the Snowy Hydro School Education Program that will deliver 34 artist led sculpture making workshops to 17 schools in the Snowy Valleys and Snowy Mountains. Students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of art, creativity and engineering through the added participation of Snowy Hydro graduate engineers in the workshops.

“Snowy Hydro is proud to take on the role of Major Partner of the Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail, a partnership that underscores our long-term, ongoing commitment to the local communities we operate in,” Snowy Hydro CEO Dennis Barnes said.

“The Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail is celebrated for its eye-catching outdoor art installations throughout the picturesque Snowy Valleys region and our support will enhance the trail’s reach, making it more accessible and engaging for both residents and visitors alike. We hope it will also draw more tourists to the region, thereby benefiting the local economy.”

The seven Snowy Hydro-funded sculptures will be leased and installed over the next two years adding to the 35 existing artworks, including increasing the number of sculptures in beautiful Talbingo.

To kick off the Snowy Hydro School Education Program students at Adelong Public School, Batlow Technology School and Tumut High School had sculpture-making workshops hosted by south coast of NSW artist Akira Kamada, Milan Kuzica from Prague in the Czech Republic and Snowy Hydro graduate engineers.

We look forward to working closely with schools across the Snowy Valleys and Snowy Mountains and Snowy Hydro to foster a deeper appreciation among the students for art, engineering and innovation.

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