Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2015 Time-lapse highlights

Posted: November 6, 2015 / News, video

To celebrate Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2015, we would like to share with you some highlights of the exhibition. Thank you to the wonderful Filippo Rivetti for capturing the spirit of the artworks and the crowds over the past few weeks!

Sculptures in the video in order of appearance:
  1. Koichi Ishino, wind blowing
  2. Matthew Asimakis, Clarence Lee & Caitlin Roseby, half gate
  3. Peter Lundberg, open
  4. R.M. (Ron) Gomboc, cycle of life – longevity
  5. Toshio Iezumi, m.150901
  6. Barbara Licha, listen time passes
  7. Matthew Asimakis, Clarence Lee & Caitlin Roseby, half gate
  8. Linda Bowden, the bridge
  9. Gao Xiaowu, city dreams
  10. Gillie & Marc Schattner, flying fish
  11. Arissara Reed and Davin Nurimba, acoustic chamber
  12. Koichi Ishino, wind blowing
  13. Jukub Geltner, nest 06
  14. Zilvinas Kempinas, kakashi
  15. RCM Collective, the bottles
  16. Peter Lundberg, open
  17. Jörg Plickat, divided planet
  18. Robert Hague, ionis
  19. Clayton Thompson, space time continuum v4
  20. Sandra Pitkin, keep safe/keepsake
  21. Andrea Vinkovic, intuitive sense of connection
  22. Benjamin Storch, undulation
  23. Laurence Edwards, crouching man

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