Japanese artists take out Cottesloe Artist Award  

Posted: March 5, 2022 / News

Osamu Ohnishi & Masako Ohnishi, ‘USAGI Shelter’, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2022. Photo Martine Perret

Japanese artists Osamu and Masako Ohnishi have been awarded the major Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe Artist Award of $30,000 for their work ‘USAGI Shelter’, an inviting, interactive work in the shape of a rabbit’s head.

Donated by the Minderoo Foundation, this award aims to increase opportunities for artists, is judged on excellence and is open to all artworks in the exhibition.

Minderoo Foundation CEO Andrew Hagger said, “Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe offers our community the unique opportunity to experience world-class art on one of our favourite beaches. Artists need sustainable career opportunities, so Minderoo Foundation is proud to be able to support Sculpture by the Sea with the Cottesloe Artist Prize. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Osamu and Masako Ohnishi for their captivating work, ‘USAGI Shelter’.”

Osamu and Masako Ohnishi said, “We are surprised, delighted and amazed by this award. Our artwork is in Australia, far away from Japan. Just to have it exhibited at Cottesloe beach is an amazing thing. And if our artwork on the beach brings smiles to the faces of the people who see it, then we are happy. We think it is important that the world is full of smiles. Thank you very much for this wonderful award!”

Hailing from Kyoto, Japan, the Ohnishis have exhibited works as a pair since 2007, including Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi and Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2019, Asago Art Competition, Historic Street ART Festival in Tamba Sasayama, the 32nd National Cultural Festival Nara, Kobe Biennale and Echigi-Tsumaari Art Triennale Daichi-no-Matsuri.

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