Haruyuki Uchida from Japan this year’s Tourism Western Australia Invited International Artist

Posted: February 21, 2020 / News

Haruyuki Uchida, ‘Merry Gate’, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2020. Image supplied by the artist.

Sculpture by the Sea is excited to announce award-winning Japanese artist Haruyuki Uchida, one of the world’s most prominent kinetic artists, as the 2020 Tourism Western Australia Invited International Artist at the upcoming Cottesloe exhibition.

Uchida is well known as a kinetic sculptor whose works startle and delight using magnets to create illusionary, gravity-defying effects. His work is often characterised by bright colours such as ‘Shu-iro` a bright Japanese red.

Since 2006, Uchida has exhibited his work at numerous Sculpture by the Sea exhibitions including the Bondi and Aarhus shows. This year marks his sixth time exhibiting at Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe, with his beloved colourful works a favourite among visitors to the exhibition.

Uchida is creating a new 7.5 metre long kinetic sculpture made from stainless steel and magnets titled Merry Gate. He described the work as, “symbolic of the special boundary that connects the audience from one place to another – ‘here and there’. Although the scenery may seem familiar, I encourage the audience to look through the sculpture to see a happier, ‘different’ place. This sculpture exists with the hope that audiences may step into a luckier place than usual.”

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