Four $30,000 Helen Lempriere Scholarships for 2016

Posted: November 4, 2015 / News
Lucy Humphrey, Horizon, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2013. Photo William Patino

Lucy Humphrey, horizon, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2013. Photo William Patino

To celebrate the 20th anniversary exhibition of Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi Perpetual have announced an additional $30,000 Helen Lempriere Scholarship for Australian sculptors in 2016.

Since 2010 three Helen Lempriere Scholarships have been awarded each year to a total of 18 Australian sculptors from ACT (3), NSW (8), Tasmania (1), Victoria (2) and Western Australia (4).  Combined this amounts to $540,000 for the advancement of sculpture as an art form in Australia.  Notably 10 of the scholarship recipients are from Regional Australia providing a truly national benefit.

What the artists find most exciting is that the Helen Lempriere Scholarships must be used for a combination of travel, study or the purchase of important equipment for their studio or office for the advancement of their artistic careers.  This is a real injection of funds and every time we let an artist know they have received the scholarship they can instantly rattle off a list of what they want to do.  Artists have visited the great museums and sculpture parks of the world from Asia to the Americas, New Zealand and Europe; established or re-connected with artists they admire overseas; built websites; purchased laptops and cameras, as well as important equipment to improve their studios.   

The value of a Helen Lempriere Scholarship cannot be underestimated and we are honoured to provide this benefit to an increasing number of sculptors thanks to the management of the Helen Lempriere Bequest by Perpetual.  

In May next year the four recipients of the 2016 Helen Lempriere Scholarships will be announced.  The day we make the phone calls to the artists is one of the most exciting of the year in the Sculpture by the Sea office and will be a highlight of our 20th anniversary celebrations.

 All Australian artists who apply to be exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea are considered by the Curatorial Panel for a Helen Lempriere Scholarship.  Applications open in mid February and close in mid April.  To apply to be in the exhibition please email [email protected] to be included in the mail out to artists early next year.



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