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Posted: October 5, 2017 / News
April Pine, Pause, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2017. Photo Jessica Wyld.

April Pine, Pause, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2017. Photo Jessica Wyld.

Congratulations to three Emerging Artists who join the Sculpture by the Sea ‘Family of Sculptors’ as they are awarded a place on the Clitheroe Foundation Emerging Artists Mentor Program

Over the past 21 years a ‘family of sculptors’ has been created by Sculpture by the Sea that has had a major impact on the development of sculpture in Australia. Prominent international and Australian sculptors have provided a legacy of accessible and high order sculpture to a generation of young, emerging sculptors.

Sculpture by the Sea has been active in formalising the relationships between established and emerging sculptors through the development and facilitation of a number of programs. One such long-running program, established in 2006, and now in its 12th year, is made possible by the generous support of The Clitheroe Foundation and the Emerging Sculptor Mentor Program. Established with the aim to encourage professional and meaningful fellowships between emerging sculptors and established practitioners, the emerging sculptor receives professional and technical support to ensure development of practice. We are pleased to congratulate the Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017 recipients, who will each receive $10,000 to support their careers, and who now join the sculpture family: collaborators Tango Conway and Amelia Skelton (NSW); Sophie Lanigan and Isobel Lord (NSW); and April Pine (WA).

Tango Conway and Amelia Skelton, first time exhibitors at Bondi this year and collaborating as ‘Skelton & Conway’ remember the adventure of school visits to Sculpture by the Sea as children and Amelia offers one of her earliest memories as the melted ice cream truck on Tamarama Beach (James Dive, ‘Hot with the Chance of a Late Storm’, Sculpture by the Sea Bondi 2006). After leaving school, Tango and Amelia both went on to study sculpture at the National Art School in Sydney and we look forward to seeing their work this month at Bondi, ‘White Wash’, responding to issues of land ownership and the barriers that human beings put up.

Also exhibiting for the first time at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017 are Bondi locals and emerging sculptors Sophie Lanigan and Isobel Lord. Sophie recalls such fun days at Sculpture by the Sea as a child that as a ‘twenty-something’ she undertook a 3 month internship program at Sculpture by the Sea whilst at university, going on to work for our team during the Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2014 exhibition. Inspired along the way to produce her own large, public outdoor artwork, she and her best friend, Isobel will exhibit later this month a reflective site-specific pavilion or ‘Temple’ that will invite us to enter and experience a particular peculiarity of not being able to step into the same space twice.

Clitheroe recipient April Pine exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2017 for the first time earlier this year with ‘Pause’, an iconic representation of a surfer, paused at the water’s edge, looking out to the oceans movement, assessing the changing atmosphere and the habits of fellow surfers, understanding the familiar behaviour of the water beyond. For the Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017 exhibition she will present ‘Trip’, three figures meandering their way across the rocks in their journey towards the surf.

As the Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017 exhibiting artists – new and returning, emerging, mid-career and senior – move into the final two weeks of preparation and completion of their sculptures, Sculpture by the Sea wishes them all a positive and uplifting journey throughout the exhibition and beyond, with the knowledge that there will be plenty of support along the way and that all are guaranteed to leave a legacy behind for future artists.


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