For over 22 years, Sculpture by the Sea has transformed iconic coastal locations into open-air galleries, free for everyone to enjoy. As you walk amongst the work of these incredible artists we’re asking you to listen to your art and to support us with as little as a $5 donation.

A little goes a long way to bring the artists and their work back to the community year after year.

Every year, the world’s largest free to the public, outdoor sculpture exhibitions wows hundreds of thousands of people with spectacular pieces on a picturesque coastlines. And while it may seem to happen by magic, have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to bring the event to the community year after year? Just 20% of our not for profit organisation’s costs are covered by our government partners. Some of the remainder comes from our wonderful private donors and corporate partners. But even that comes nowhere near covering what it costs to bring this exhibition to life – free for all of us to enjoy together. All visitors feel the emotional connection to brilliant artworks brought to you by artists and passionate people behind-the-scenes. Friends, families and strangers come together to appreciate stunning works of art, all spread along one of the world’s most picturesque coastlines. By donating as little as $5, you will help us achieve our goal and help us do it all again next year!

Listen To Your Art – David Handley

Listen to David Handley AM, Founding Director of Sculpture by the Sea, talk about his motivation to bring a free to the public sculpture exhibition to the Bondi to Tamarama to coastal walk some 22 years ago.

 Listen To Your Art – Orest Keywan

Listen to Orest talk about his art and participating at Sculpture by the Sea for over 20 years.

Listen To Your Art – Georgina Humphries

Listen to Georgina talk about her art and why she is participating in Sculpture by the Sea.

 Listen To Your Art – Nicole Monks

Listen to Nicole talk about her art and why she is participating in Sculpture by the Sea.