Creative Accounting: Chris Roberts show at Something for Jess

Posted: December 14, 2018 / News

Chris Roberts, ‘Levey Street’

Our Sculpture by the Sea accountant is currently exhibiting some of his drawings in public for the first time and has been overcome with newfound and increased admiration for artists after the experience.

“I was recently somewhat coerced into showing a small collection of my drawings in public for the first time. I had always enjoyed drawing as a child though neglected the pursuit almost entirely until a chance encounter with the final day of a Lloyd Rees exhibition at the Australian Museum in Sydney. Most of his pictures – many unfinished – were of the Sydney landscape and harbour. Their beauty was staggering and I’m pretty sure I picked up a pen again that night. Sydney has such a wonderful variety of architecture of a conflicting yet complementary nature – new and old buildings often seemingly haphazardly pushed together, it is fascinating to document. A fine example being the proud old building where the drawings are currently hung – legendary local vegan-friendly café and art gallery for budding artists – Something for Jess in Chippendale

Although I enjoy drawing, the experience of the preparation and reality of displaying them in public for the first time was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life! So many different factors in this ordeal have given me renewed respect and admiration for what artists endure to show their works to the world, often for no financial reward whatsoever. This has been a truly challenging experience I have learned a great deal from on many, many levels and implore others to Listen to your Art (hyperlink to LTYA campaign) in support of what artists undertake to share their art with us all. The stresses and strains of the emotional rollercoaster should not be underestimated and any support we can offer artists of a spiritual, physical, mental or financial nature should be embraced.” – Christopher Roberts.

Any visitors to Something for Jess  should mention “Sculpture by the Sea” when visiting to obtain a FREE regular coffee, valid until 20 January 2019.


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