Alcoa Family Workshop

On Friday September 28, an enthusiastic group of Alcoa staff and their families gathered in Mandurah, Western Australia with Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe artist Mikaela Castledine to construct their version of some sculpted cats. Initially there was some bemusement at this concept, particularly from the parents. But Mikaela’s vivid description, some photos and her wonderful “cats” on display soon had everyone on board.

The children attacked the tools provided by Mikaela with enthusiasm. Aluminium foil, cardboard cores and yellow tape flew everywhere. But the amazing construction skills displayed by all saw the development of some shape and form. The cats’ ears certainly provided some challenges, and there is no doubt some of the cats in a previous life would have had some hearing issues.

Parents were impressed with their children’s diligence and focus, and it appeared one or two parents would have liked to be working on their own cats. Maybe an idea for Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe for another time – an Alcoa staff sculpture workshop of their own?

But something was missing, until Mikaela pulled out the aluminium wire and constructed some amazing whiskers. The variety of whiskers was amazing with some cats looking like they were at the end of Movember.

And then it was time to place the sculptures on the table for photos, which no doubt will end up on fridge doors.

And finally a hearty round of “Happy Birthday” for Mikaela topped off a fun day, with the children looking forward to Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2018.


Photos by Gail Black