• Photo by Jarrad Seng

Volunteers play an integral role during our exhibitions and are an essential part of the spirit and experience of Sculpture by the Sea.

In 2018, 191 volunteers supported the day to day running of the exhibition, donating over 2,800 hours of their time and ensured another successful exhibition for everyone involved!

As a Sculpture by the Sea volunteer you will:

  • Be a part of an internationally-acclaimed exhibition;
  • Work side-by-side with industry professionals and artists;
  • Meet and join a community of like-minded people;
  • Receive a certificate of appreciation and a written reference (upon request)
  • Invaluable hands-on experience of how a major cultural event operates;
  • Be provided with a Sculpture by the Sea t-shirt & lunch provided during your shifts
  • Have a great experience to add to your CV

Sculpture by the Sea proudly endorses the Statement of Principles for the Recognition of Volunteers that clearly articulates that volunteer roles are respected and their contributions are valued.

By joining our volunteer team, depending on your experiences and personality, you could be involved in the following ways:

Exhibition Volunteer

If you love meeting and chatting to people, or have to experience with sales or customer experience, you could join the volunteer team and become one of our friendly faces of the exhibition enables us to provide great experiences and support to our visitors.

As an exhibition volunteer you could be involved with greeting visitors, providing information to visitors, conducting surveys, data entry, staffing our catalogue marquees, assisting Site Crew, or helping with crowd control on-site and inside the ‘Sculpture Inside’ gallery.

Installation & De-installation Volunteer

Assisting our Site Crew Team and artists during the installation and de-installation of the exhibition might be the role for you if you are practical, hands-on and might have experience working with tools.

Under the supervision of the Site Crew Team, you could be involved with helping with the installation and de-installation of sculptures at the beginning and end of the exhibition. If you are physically fit, energetic, have strong communication and practical skills you might like to be an installation and de-installation volunteer helping to keep our site a safe working environment for all.

If you are interested in volunteering with us please download the form below and email it to [email protected]

Applications to volunteer for Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2019 open in August.

For further enquiries regarding volunteering with us, please email us at  [email protected]