Tom Buckland

Tom Buckland




54 Pioneer Street, Batlow, NSW 2730

Opening Hours

Open to the public 10am – 12 noon every Saturday and Sunday.

Materials  steel, wood, cardboard, found objects

Artist Statement I envision the shopfront as a home for a flock of larger-than-life whimsical birds inspired by the local birdlife from the snowy mountains. The birds are constructed with found objects sourced from roadsides, tip-shops and op-shops of the local area. They are constructed with pipes, irrigation tubing. discarded wood, fabrics, tennis rackets, discarded roadsigns and paper-mache. These quirky and unusual
birds will celebrate the native birdlife of the area.


Tom Buckland is an artist who deals in a correspondence of imaginary worlds. He creates work heavily influenced by his own fascination with science fiction and fantasy, topped off with a refined joyful absurdism. He takes enjoyment in transporting his audience to other dimensions across space and time. In 2015, Buckland graduated from the ANU School of Art with a BVA (Hons) and was the recipient of the John and Elizabeth Baker Honours scholarship and the Canberra Contemporary Art Space graduate award. Buckland has exhibited nationally and internationally and in 2021 was the recipient of the Sculpture by the Sea Clitheroe Foundation emerging artist mentorship.


For sculpture sales enquiries regarding this work, please contact:

Davina Corti
Director Sculpture Sales, Sculpture by the Sea
[email protected]

Joanna Goodwin
Sculpture Sales Business Manager, Sculpture by the Sea
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In addition to our program of annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibitions at Bondi and Cottesloe, we offer professional consultancy services in art commissioning, collection advice and management.

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