terra video

Terra Omnia an art installation by Nicole Monks and Nhurra for the opening of Sculpture at Barangaroo 2017.

The proclamation Terra Omnia was written in approx. 3.5 x 25mt sand letters on the angled headland at Barangaroo accompanied by a nyaja gurdiri (sand circle) with materials for audience participation – native flora including wildflowers, foliage from site, nuts and seeds etc.

To begin, the artwork was Grounded by First nations people, including an acknowledgement, sound, dance, music and ritual. Native floras vibrational healing and wellbeing was acknowledged (ie. Banksia holds ‘enjoyment’ and ‘interest in life'[1]). First Nations people then invited the wider community to engage by placing the native flora onto the natural canvas, allowing us all to connect with the narrative.

Video produced by Clean Line Productions for Sculpture at Barangaroo.