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Hossein Valamanesh, ‘Conversations’, Sculpture Encounters – Granite Island. Photo Trent Marwick

Hossein Valamanesh (Iran)


Materials existing seats, persian carpet

Dimensions variable

Statement  Installed on existing public seats Persian carpets were woven into the seats. Traditionally these carpets are used for sitting on in domestic settings while the public seats provide a different place to sit and relax in nature. The union of these elements East / West, public / private, soft / hard, offer opportunity for contemplation and appreciation of the richness of our Australian society and hopefully a visual intrigue.



Britt Mikkelsen, ‘Ocean Lace’, Sculpture Encounters – Granite Island, 2017. Photo Ron Langman.


Britt Mikkelsen (WA)

‘Ocean Lace’

Materials Acrylic, polyurethane resin, steel

Dimensions 200 x 204 x 10 cm

Statement The artist recalls beach-combing at an age when the little things mattered. Likewise, this tiny fragment found at South Cottesloe has been enlarged 700 times, revealing its fragile beauty.


Akira Kamada, ‘Refuge’, Sculpture Encounters – Granite Island. Photo Trent Marwick

Akira Kamada  (NSW/Japan)


Materials  bamboo, vine, metal, wire, cable ties, straw bales

Dimensions  200  x 400  x 200 cm



Elaine Clocherty, ‘Mimini Miwi’, Sculpture Encounters –Granite Island. Photo Trent Marwick

Elaine Clocherty (WA)

‘Minimini Miwi’