Exhibiting Artists

Britt Mikkelsen (WA, Australia), Ocean Lace, Sculpture Encounters, Granite Island 2018. Photo Ron Langman.

Britt Mikkelsen (WA, Australia)

Ocean Lace

Materials Acrylic, polyurethane resin, steel

Dimensions 200 x 204 x 10 cm

Artist Statement The artist recalls beach-combing at an age when the little things mattered. Likewise, this tiny fragment found at South Cottesloe has been enlarged 700 times, revealing its fragile beauty.


Norton Flavel (WA, Australia)

And Another and Another (drop in the ocean).

Materials Stainless steel, swarovski crystal

Dimensions 300 x 120 x 120 cm

Artist Statement A reference to the notion of significance.

Peter Lundberg (USA), Adam and Eve, Sculpture Encounters, Granite Island 2018. Photo Mike Moore.

Peter Lundberg (USA)

Adam and Eve

Materials Bronze

Dimensions 180 x 600 x 180 cm

Artist Statement An admission that my normally abstract work contains elements of the figure. These were my first large scale bronzes.



Keizo Ushio (Japan), Oushi Zokei 2017, Sculpture Encounters, Granite Island 2017. Photo Mike Moore.

Keizo Ushio (Japan)

Oushi Zokei 2017

Materials Black and white granite, colcothar

Dimensions  240 x 180 x 120 cm

Artist Statement The twisted nature of the work contrasts the horizontal line of the ocean.



Greg Johns (SA, Australia), Sculpture Encounters, Granite Island 2017. Photo Mike Moore.

Greg Johns (SA, Australia)

Horizon Figure 2009

Materials Corten steel

Dimensions 350 x 600 x 150 cm

Artist Statement Horizon Figure arises from both visual and felt drawings of rock forms, creeks, fire, eroded ranges and the great horizon lines of the Australia landscape.



Marcel Cousins (VIC, Australia), Pot Plant, Sculpture Encounters, Granite Island 2017

Marcel Cousins (VIC, Australia)

Pot Plant

Materials Aluminium, steel, resin, auto paint

Dimensions 253 x 148 x 36 cm

Artist Statement The flower is a pictorial representation of a three-dimensional experience. Like the elements of a Japanese garden, the sculpture aims to represent an experience of nature but one that has been manipulated and highly stylised.


Margaret Worth (SA, Australia), Walking Looking Talking Noppan Nukkan Yunnan, Sculpture Encounters, Granite Island 2017. Photo Mike Moore.

Margaret Worth (SA, Australia)

Walking Looking Talking Noppan Nukkan Yunnan

Artist Statement This is what people do on Granite Island. And these rocks, under an old tree, provide a moment’s refuge to contemplate ‘then’ and ‘now’. An ancient practice, painting on rocks, about what’s important. The paint will fade and disappear in time, making space for something new, just as with all living things.


Hamish McMillan (SA, Australia), Bystander, Sculpture Encounters, Granite Island 2017. Photo Mike Moore.

Hamish McMillan (SA, Australia)


Materials Wood

Artist Statement In a reflection of the solid masses that make up Granite Island, ‘Bystander’ invites you to sit still and take in the timeless and immovable surrounds, as if you were a rock, a witness to all that passes.



Masayuki Sugiyama (Japan), Blue Cylinder Revolution, Sculpture Encounters, Granite Island 2017. Photo Mike Moore.

Masayuki Sugiyama (Japan)

Blue Cylinder Revolution

Materials Stainless steel, paint

Dimensions 240 x 200 x 100 cm

Artist Statement I believe that a sculpture is an interactive form of art inspired by nature. This work has six cylinders. Through shifting perspectives, each cylinder shows a variety of appearances.


James Dive, What a Tasty Looking Burger, Sculpture Encounters, Granite Island 2017. Photo Mike Moore.

James Dive (NSW, Australia)

What a Tasty Looking Burger

Materials Fibreglass, wire, ropes

Dimensions 130 x 130 x 130 cm

Artist Statement Beware the fish are now fishing!

LucyBarker (NSW, Australia), Furball, Sculpture Encounters, Granite Island 2018.

Lucy Barker (NSW, Australia)


Materials Salvaged electrical cable, plastic

Dimensions 90 x 70 x 70 cm


Jett Mellgren (NSW, Australia), NESTS, Sculpture Encounters, Granite Island 2018.

Jette Mellgren (NSW, Australia)


Materials Peeled white willow

Dimensions Variable


Lubomir Mikle (Slovakia), Element 0, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2018.

Lubomir Mikle (Slovakia)

Element 0

Materials Coated mild steel, rubber

Dimensions 200 x 310 x 160cm


Yi Cui (China), Sunlight No3, Sculpture Encounters, Granite Island.

Yi Cui (China)

Sunlight (No3)

Materials Stone, reinforcing bar

Dimensions 302-366 x 140-162 x 88-135 cm